So I have this idea…
Published On: December 20, 2017

So that lovely purple Hedgehog Fibres yarn I bought? It’s because I have an idea.  But when it came it was a teeny tiny bit skinnier than what I had in mind for that particular idea. (This is not a complaint about the yarn, the yarn is lovely and exactly as advertised.  It’s just a demonstration that it can be hard to judge yarn online.)  And I happened to find myself at Over The Rainbow Yarn not too much later, and I thought I’d see if they happened to have something similarly lovely, just maybe a tiny bit thicker.  And behold…they did.

That’s Infinity Shawl by Katia, and it’s a super long, super gradual gradient that could be perfect for what I have in mind. So I did what we knitters are conditioned to do, I swatched.

And while the yarn is lovely, and I think it would totally work for what I’m planning, it’s not quite perfect.  The stitch definition is a tiny bit softer than what I want here. (Again, this is not a complaint about this yarn.  It’s a case of this yarn not being a perfect match for what I have in mind for this project, and those are two different things.)  And, even more important, I’m only making a hat.  That would only use something like a third of the yardage.  I sort of feel like I should make something bigger that takes advantage of more of the gradient.

So…next up will be a bit of a stash dive to see if I have something suitable in my stash (suitability to be determined by yet more swatching).  And don’t worry, this yarn will be happy in my stash until something perfect for it comes along!

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