That’s officially a pair of socks
Published On: January 5, 2018

So the sock grew.

And grew.

And pretty soon it was a real live fully grown sock!

They’re officially done (the toe has been grafted and the ends woven in and the socks blocked since this picture was taken), the pattern is officially done, all we need now is proper pattern photos.

However, that’s trickier than it usually is right now because of both the leg and the weather.  Taking sock photos requires more gymnastics than you might imagine, both on the part of the model and the photographer.  And while I might (just might…with the help of a nice stable knee scooter and a blithe disregard for common sense) be able to pull of the necessary acrobatics to get the picture, the outside is currently very very cold and very very snow covered.  And I’m thinking that the knee scooter is not rated for off roading in the snow.  But as soon as we have a combination of borderline reasonable weather and a slightly more functional leg, I’ll get these photographed and released.  I very very much hope that will be later this month, and I’ll do everything I can to make that happen, but I can’t promise.

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