Published On: June 22, 2018

I went to Fiber Frolic earlier this month, and then completely and utterly failed to show you the goodies I got! In my defense, I did show them off on instagram stories (I’m starting to play with that, so if you ever felt a burning desire to hear me natter on in real time, that could make all your dreams come true). But not showing it here too is borderline criminal. Let’s see if we can fix it, yeah?

Three special friends followed me home.  The first is June Pryce Fiber Arts’ Coventry DK in Speckled Soul Searching.

The second is Seven Sisters Arts’ Apex in Water Nymph.

The third is Fresli Farm, a 50/50 wool and silk blend (not dyed, so no colorway name).

All three are awesome, and no I’m not quite sure what I’m making with them.  But I was remiss in keeping them to myself.  Now you get to see them too!

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