The slipper returns
Published On: July 1, 2018

Remember the slipper?  The pretty little blue slipper? With the leafy bits and the glee?

Yeah, well it was time for the first of the pair to stop languishing in solitude in the WIP bin.

The second one is well underway and should be joining its mate here in just a little bit.

And then shortly after that, the pair of them should be tromping off to a convenient wood pile or rock pile or tree stump or whatever else I can find around here and press into service as a photo backdrop!

General preemptive question round up session.  The yarn is Opulence DK by String Theory in the color Tourmaline. Someone always asks, so the square needles are by Kollage (as always, amazon links are affiliate links) and yes I like them (I like the new silver ones better than the bronze ones I have, but I haven’t replaced all my old ones yet).  The pattern is off with testers now, and will be released soon…think later this month if all goes according to plan.  And if you want me to email you when it comes out, you make that happen right over here.  Did I get them all…I *think* that’s all the questions someone will ask about these…but sometimes I’m surprised!

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