Schemes and plots
Published On: July 11, 2018

So remember how I was sort of obsessed with the little pull through stitches? The ones I used on Constellate and Sidereal and Ecliptic and Ephemeris?  The ones that make such lovely, textured fabric and that are more fun than they have any right to be?

Yeah…yeah well it seems you guys like them too (those have been some of my most popular patterns ever).  And I wasn’t quite ready to be done with them, so they’re turning into a little book.  The book will have all four of the hat patterns (with even more sizes), a guide to how those stitches work (and how you can create some of your own), and a mini stitch dictionary with variations on each of the stitches use in the patterns, and lots of other stuff like all my feelings on hats and how to sweet talk a hat pattern into being a cowl pattern.

It’s off at the printer now (the picture above is of the sample pages the printer sends to check the color is good), and should be coming out next month (I always feel nervous saying ‘it will come out next month,’ because there’s always the possibility that I’ll die or the house will burn down or the boat with the books on it will sink, so I tend to say ‘it should,’ but the plan is pretty darn firm at this point).  I’ll talk about it more as we get closer and have a firm release date, but I’d reached a point where I just couldn’t keep quiet about it any more…so here we go!

As always, if you want to be super sure to hear about it when it comes out, you can make that happen over here.

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