Published On: August 6, 2018

So…Did I mention I’m sneaking a second little book on the schedule (don’t worry, Curls 3 is still coming this fall…this is just an extra little something)?  Because I totally am!  Today I’ll tell you a little about the book.  Then, later this week, I’ll give you all the details about the preorder.

You remember the hat?  The one we all went a little nuts for?  The one right there on the front of the book?  Yeah…that hat has a lot to answer for!  The stitch I used on that hat was so much fun that I wanted to keep playing with it.  That led to the three other hats, all different, but all using the same general technique.  So I brought those out as individual patterns.

But I still wasn’t done.  The stitches were so much fun that I wanted to talk about how you made them (and how you could make up your own versions).  And I wanted to share some of the variations of those stitches I’d come up with as I worked on the hats.  And clearly the best way to do that is with a little book.  And now…now the book is here!  Inside you’ll find:

  • Four hat patterns, each written in at least five sizes and four gauges to fit a huge range of people and work with most any weight of yarn
  • Instructions on how to create these stitches and how to start experimenting with designing your own versions of them
  • A mini stitch dictionary with alternate versions of the stitches used in the hats
  • All the info you need to turn any of the hat patterns into cowl patterns
  • A quick guide to everything I wish you knew about hats
  • A quick primer on reading charts

The book will be available in both paper and electronic formats.  If you get the paper one, you’ll find a code in the back to download the electronic version.  And if you’ve already bought one or more of the individual patterns on ravelry, you’ll find that whatever you spent on those purchases counts towards the purchase price of the electronic version on ravelry.

The preorder is opening on Tuesday, August 14 (with a special present for the first 750 folks to buy the paper one, mailing list folks will get an email with the link an hour before everyone else to have the best chance of getting that), and the book will officially go live and start shipping later in August. I’m going to do a whole post about the preorder schedule and all the details of that later this week (do don’t worry if you have questions about timing, I’ll spell that all out in alarming detail here in a few days).

For now, I just want to finally show off the pretty and be excited about it!

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