Published On: August 20, 2018

So, this is what the garage looked like Saturday morning.

I figured no one would mind if I got the first round out a little ahead of time, and I had a better chance of staying on speaking terms with the postman if I didn’t wait till Tuesday and do them all at once.  More will go out today, and more still on Tuesday.

You’ve got until Tuesday at noon to grab the book at the preorder discount.  Once the clock hits noon on Tuesday, I’ll set the last of the books out, turn off the preorder, and send out the full version of the electronic book (then probably take a nap…a nap sounds really nice).  Some time over the next few days and weeks, the book will start turning up in your local yarn shops (you can always ask your shop to get in touch with me if you want them to carry my books) and on places like amazon.

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