Under cover…
Published On: August 25, 2018

So…books are arriving in mailboxes (yay!), and I’ve heard from a tiny handful of folks with some very nice version of ‘erm…I think my book is maybe missing the download code, help?’  Luckily, the download codes are all totally there.  They’re just under some shiny silver scratch off stuff.

All you need to do is scratch off the silver bit and you’ll see your code right there (be civilized and use a coin or the edge of a credit card, or be a savage like me and just use your fingernail).  Now of course if you ever do find a book with the code missing (printing errors can totally happen…though I haven’t seen that happen yet), totally reach out and we’ll sort it out!  But so far it’s all been a matter of needing to get that protective covering out of the way.

And yes, yes there is totally a ruler inside the back cover too.  I find that more amusing than I can reasonably explain, and I suspect I’ll be doing it inside all my books going forward (I mean if I’m already paying the printer to get stuff printed back there in the first place, why not add in something useful, right?)!

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