Stash dive
Published On: September 14, 2018

I have the itch to cast on something new, and that generally means a stash dive.  Now, my stash is actually pretty darn small…like three of those midsized storage bins type small (erm…plus a scraps bin with leftover bits)…like you could lay it all out one layer deep on a twin bed and have room left for a pillow and a cat type small.  So sometimes I get to thinking ‘I have no yarn.’  This is never actually true.  The problem is usually ‘I forgot what’s in there and need to see it all in one place’ (which is part of the reason I don’t let myself get a huge stash).  So I dumped it all out on the floor and kicked it around a bit.  And I ended up with five contenders…

Now…two of those are actually some of the very oldest yarn in my stash, bought back before I thought about things like ‘is it even slightly possible to take a photo of that that other people will see and like.’  And I love them dearly…but I’m not at all sure I’ll be able to take photos that will do them justice.  And I’m not sure I’m quite ready to knit something just to knit it without worrying about showing it off or taking pretty pictures for a pattern (yes, I know, if this is the worst part of my job I’m very lucky and should not complain…but man that yarn is pretty and it’s bugging me not to use it.)

But even if those do have to just hang out and wait for a private project, it’s not like there’s a shortage of other yummy yarn around here.

I mean clearly the right thing is to sit down and swatch…not one of these is a bad choice…I just need to pick which one grabs me most.  Any of them singing to you in particular?  Possibly I just like them all and need to do something with each and every one of them…

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