Blame the moss
Published On: October 9, 2018

So there’s a tree in our back yard.  Well, there are several, but there’s one in particular that has a root that runs right at ground level for a while.  And between the two edges of the root is a little channel of the softest, fuzziest, most intensely green bit of moss you’ve ever seen.  And every time I walk past it I think “that’s so disgustingly cute I should take a picture of something there sometime.”

And yesterday, as I was coming back inside from chatting on instagram, I had this thought for about the two hundredth time.  But this time, instead of ignoring it and doing something else, I grabbed the nearest suitably colored bit of yarn, knit for a few minutes, marched back outside, rummaged around in the yard for some empty acorn caps, and actually did it.

And it is, as previously mentioned, disgustingly cute.  Like we’re quickly approaching illegal levels of twee here.  But damn it all I’m not even a little bit sorry.  I suspect I’ll have a bowl of these here shortly.  Expect to see more pictures of them when that happens, because wow are they too cute not to show off.

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