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Published On: November 25, 2018

You know that thing that happens over on ravelry every year about this time?  That thing where a whole bunch of designers (literally hundreds) put a whole bunch of patterns on sale for 25% off for a hot minute?  And then everyone hangs out together in the chattiest group you ever did see and knits and jokes and has contests and gives away prizes and generally engages in some sort of combination of cheerleading and holiday festivities right through the end of the year?  That thing called the Indie Gift-A-Long?

Yeah, well I’m playing too!  Except this year, instead of featuring patterns I already had available individually, I broke some of the most loved patterns from the books out from their papery prisons and made them available as stand alone patterns.  Normally I don’t like splitting up books (because I’m a cranky old man and think books are better when taken all together), but this seemed like a perfect chance to do it on a limited basis.

There are fifteen patterns (three each from Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet I, II, and III, Silk Road Socks, and Fine Things for Plain Occasions).  They’re on sale for 25% off during the Gift-A-Long (all the details on that are right here).  And they’ll only be available through the end of November (after which time they go back to being tucked up inside the book where they belong!).

And really…if you don’t like any of those, go check out the other patterns in the sale (there’s a link at the top of my sale page where you can find them all)…there’s pretty much guaranteed to be something amazing there you absolutely need!

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