Countdown 18
Published On: December 18, 2018

Today only, Precipitous is on sale on ravelry for 25% off with the code COUNTDOWN.

Flared cuffs are my secret (not so secret) favorite. They’re adorable, they’re comfortable, they’re really fun to wear, and they’re hard to find in stores (meaning non knitters will think they’re amazing because they can’t just buy them somewhere else). Plus they’re ridiculously quick to knit, so perfect if you’re feeling a bit frantic!

What’s up? I’m doing a December countdown! Now through Christmas Eve, I’m putting one pattern a day on sale for 25% off (I started with socks and am moving on to quicker and quicker projects as the month goes on). Each sale only runs one day (until 11:59pm eastern time), so grab it while you can.

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