We made it!
Published On: January 2, 2019

Everyone still here?  Starting to wake up from the holiday fog and remember how to eat real food and wear real clothes and more or less be normal people instead of the cookie stuffed, pajama wearing, movie watching, midday napping couch gremlins we’ve been for the last week or two? Got some of the glitter out of your hair and the pine needles off the carpet?  Starting to notice the sun setting later?  Excellent, we all made it to the new year!

Between the countdown sale in December and Curls 3 coming out in November I feel like it’s been a scandalously long time since I’ve just shown you what I’m knitting.  I had plans to sneak some of that in in December, but then we had a pipe freeze and burst in our attic over Thanksgiving and we’ve been dealing with that delight ever since…so things have been a bit…ah…scattered.  Scattered is the polite way of saying ‘in a giant, expensive, noisy, dusty uproar that makes me question my sanity and seriously consider just moving into a hotel for the duration.’

So how about I flash some knitting today to make up for lost time and ease us back into the new year?

When last we chatted, I’d just unkinked this yarn, wound it up, and was getting ready to cast on for a hat (someone will ask, so the yarn is Coventry DK by June Pryce Fiber Arts in the color Speckled Soul Searching, the 500 yard size, which is enough to make a hat and matching mitts).

That hat grew.

Then I tried it on and realized it wasn’t actually going to fit my head (because sometimes swatches lie, and it’s better to double check now than to fume at the slightly too small hat for the rest of eternity), so I ripped it out, swearing at it the whole time.

But it wasn’t long until it was back on the needles.

And growing again.

And pretty soon, it was just about done.

And it was time for the decreases (which are delightfully swirly on this one if I do say so myself!).

And here’s where I’ll leave it for today, because I am also easing back into this being a productive adult member of society and doing work thing, and I have rather a lot of emails to catch up on.  But if you’re madly in love with this one, the pattern will be out on Tuesday the 8th (barring any other exciting house catastrophes…but really I think one burst pipe per winter is more than enough thank you very much)!

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