Yes, another gray hat…it’s a theme
Published On: January 18, 2019

So look…gray hats are apparently just my happy place. It’s true and I’m not even going to pretend I’m sorry.

At least this one has speckles (Martin’s Lab, Bouncy Sport in the color Candy Sparrow)!

And is reversible…

Which means I will, generally, make some sort of passing attempt to show you both sides as we go along.  I won’t always succeed…but I’ll try.

The side with the untwisted stitches faces out as you knit, and the twisted side faces in.  So I’m going to generally call that right and wrong…but really nothing about this is wrong. Not one thing.


[pextestim pex_attr_set=”looking-for-this-pattern” pex_attr_autoplay=”false”][/pextestim]


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