So very very lazy…
Published On: January 24, 2019

I’m no good at row counters. I generally prefer to just count my rows or find some sort of landmark on the stitch pattern I can use instead of counting rows.

But, on this hat, it’s all cables.  And cables are sort of a pain to count rows (you can do it, it’s just fiddly).  So I cheat.

I tie slip knots in my tail for every plain row.  Then when I finish the cable row, I yank them all out.

Works great here because I don’t need to count very high (4 or 5 knots is practical…12 is not) and because the tail is long enough and the yarn sturdy enough to work for this.

You can totally use a row counter if you like that better…but on this project, this works better for me.

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