Published On: March 5, 2019

Incise is out on ravelry (and you’ll find info about the introductory discounts on the ravelry page).

You know that thing where you just sort of don’t know when to stop?  Yeah, that’s very much my thing!  I may possibly have invented that thing.  This all started when I got distracted by just how awesome slip stitch patterns are.  With just knits, purls, and slipped stitches you can make a seemingly endless variety of fabrics…all while only ever using one color per round (because blast it all…proper colorwork still feels hard to me).

So I indulged myself in that for a while and came up with a dozen different tiny hats (they came out in last year’s Inscribe pattern).  But even after all that, I wasn’t done.  So I picked my three favorites and reworked the pattern for people-sized hats (instead of ornament sized hats).

Each of them looks way more impressive than anything that easy has any right to.

Each of them has a ridiculously satisfying crown (really…crowns are the whole reason to knit hats).

And each of them comes in oodles of sizes and gauges.  Which is handy, because I suspect you’ll find yourself knitting a stack of them and I want you to have options!

They’re up on ravelry now (and you’ll find info there on how to get the pattern at a discount for the first few days it’s out or how to get both Inscribe and Incise as a set) if you find yourself as enchanted as I am!


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