The inadvertent hat
Published On: March 9, 2019

So this hat wasn’t supposed to be a thing.  The plan I had originally was ‘I want to write every single thing I have to say about pompoms down in one place and be done with it.’  But then it turned out that, in order to put something on ravelry, it sort of has to be a proper pattern (you know, one that actually results in a knitted or crocheted thing at the end), and pompoms don’t count.

So I figured I’d just do a plain as can be hat…you know, cast on…knit for a while…decrease for a while…done and call it good.

But then…then that sounded boring as all get out to actually knit.  And I figured if I was going to go wild with pompoms (and we’ll be talking about those all week long, so brace yourselves), that I might as well do something suitably wild with the hat.  And I’d long wanted a way to include random speckles of color (you know…without having unsuitably long floats on the back side of my work).

So I figured I’d put the two together and run with it.  Because I’m pretty sure that a randomly speckled hat is the prefect canvas for a whole whack pile of pompoms.  So…that’s what’s coming next!

And yeah yeah, don’t worry.  If you’re looking at this thinking ‘but…but…I want my knitting to be tidy and orderly and the whole point is that it’s not random,’ don’t fret, there will be hideously tidy and orderly things coming up down the road.  I promise!

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