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Published On: March 13, 2019

Ok, so if I’ve convinced you to make your pompoms with much more yarn than you would expect (and if I haven’t go read the previous post again), then the next step is to get you trimming them.

There’s really no secret to this other than practice, persistence, and patience.

That and maybe seeing that ALL pompoms look like a shaggy mess when they come off the form.

No really all of them.

Every time.

Every single time.

You just need to trim them into submission.  I do it in a few passes, shape first, tidy up second, and a final pass (often the next day) at the end.  Trimming is easily the most time consuming part of the process.  It always takes me at least half an hour.  But if you do it right, you get something really lovely at the end!

All the details on how to make the striped or polkadot designs (plus everything else I feel like saying about pompoms, like how to make them detachable) will be in the speckled hat pattern (plus, you know, all the stuff about how to do the speckles!).  But I really did want to show everyone that pompoms look a mess before you trim them.  It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, it just means you aren’t done yet!


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