Advance planning
Published On: April 10, 2019

So, the cupcakes are just about ready to come out (if all goes according to plan, they’ll be out on April 16, because I’m pretty sure the day after tax day we could all use a cupcake).  But, on the off chance you’re planning to cast some on the moment they come out, I want to send you on a scavenger hunt before the pattern drops.  You see, you’ll need one, ah, shall we say ‘non-traditional’ bit of kit to make these.  You need a little plastic cup to go inside the cupcake bit and give it that perfect shape.

Now, these are easier to find than you might think.  Pretty much every fast food/takeout place/salad bar has about a zillion of them.  Sometimes they’re right there with the straws and napkins, sometimes they’re behind the counter.  But if you ask nicely, I suspect they’ll totally let you get a few extra with your order (or maybe even just give you some for free).

If you think you’re going to be knitting a lot of cupcakes you can also find them in quantity online or in brick and mortar shops.  If you’re looking online, the trick is to search for condiment cups.  These (as always, amazon links are affiliate links) are the exact ones I ordered (I got the one and two ounce sizes which make perfect mini and regular cupcakes).  If you’re looking in a shop, wander over to the party supply section and look for jello shot cups (file under ‘things I never thought I’d type on a knitting blog’).  I’ve also found that the measuring cup on a bottle of cold medicine, a tiny yogurt container, the cap on a bottle of mouthwash, and the container dipping sauce at Auntie Anne’s comes in (don’t judge me…I’m only human) were all the right shape and size.

So…a bit non traditional…but not too hard to find a few for free or a whole bunch for a few bucks.  And my goodness but they are cute when they’re turned into cupcakes!


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