Out of character
Published On: April 30, 2019

I’ve been on a yarn buying binge lately.  Normally I’m shockingly circumspect in what I buy (no really…don’t make that face…it’s true…I promise).  But some combination of spring (finally finally spring) and stress (we’re entering week four of renovations on the house after the burst water pipe back in November…my house has been in various stages of disruption for five solid months and I am Really Quite Done With That Thanks), or the new found brioche obsession has me buying all the things.⁣  These are two pairs I picked up last week while out hiding from the demolition zone at my house.⁣

The first pair are Malabrigo’s Worsted in Frank Ochre and Ausangate, and I found them at The Cashmere Goat in Camden Maine.  The second pair is Ontheround’s new base, Plush Single in Sugar Cookie and Narwhal.

The general plan for both pairs is ‘brioche…probably a cowl…but don’t hold me to that.’  I need to swatch both of them up and see which one I want to play with first.  How about you, did you find yourself unable to resist any yarn lately?  Tell me it’s not just me…

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