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Published On: May 13, 2019

Perhaps you remember the other day? When I was very very very mean and told you that there was a decent chance that some of the reason you ‘could never do that’ was because you kept telling yourself you can’t?  Right…so let’s talk about that some more.

Earlier this year, when our house was invaded by absolutely lovely, skilled, kind people doing extremely noisy, dusty, disruptive things to deal with the aftermath of the burst pipe, I decided I’d deal with the chaos by teaching myself two color brioche.  Because that’s a reasonable way to cope.

So I did!  I watched some videos and read some blogs (this walkthrough is great) and knit some swatches and swore a bit and possibly squinted a lot and after an hour or two I was feeling competent.  So I cast on for a hat.

That pile of swatches up there?  That’s more or less every single bit of brioche I’d knit before I said ‘ok, time to stop swatching and do a project’ (the orange and white one is the same yarn I used for the hat, so it more or less counts as a gauge swatch).

And you know what, it worked.  No I mean it really worked.  It’s just yarn, so the potential for disaster is pretty low.  But there’s really not any drama at all.

It wasn’t any harder than sorting out cables or lace or slipped stitches or any other knitting thing (yeah yeah, I know it looks hard, I put it off for years because it looks hard…but it I can sort it out in an afternoon, so can you).  In fact, it was mellow enough that my traditional “oh god, ribbing, I’m so bored of ribbing, can I do the pretty bits yet?” feelings kicked in right on schedule.  I’ll show you the pretty bits soon!

So…pep talk part…whatever that knitting thing is you’re sort of intrigued by but you’re worried it’s going to be hard?  How about you go spend an hour or two this week reading about it.  Because I suspect if you do that, you can have something on your needles in no time!

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