Published On: June 13, 2019

Nearly there!⠀I flat out LOVE how this one is pooling.  The yarn is Clara from Manos del Uruguay in the color Miel, and it works up beautifully with this pattern.⠀

This hat is actually a fun project for a lot of opinionated yarns (not that this one is particularly obstreperous…but we all know there’s a yarn or two in our stashes that just needs to have its say and there’s no point in arguing).

Because the fabric is fairly simple (just ribbing, no cables, no lace), you can use colorful yarns easily.  And because the fabric sits on an angle, the line of your ribbing and the line of each row of knitting make an X and give you all sorts of lovely strong diagonals.

I’d love to see this knit in one of those yarns that has the tiny bursts of regularly spaced super colorful bits (like the one I knit Keepsies in…that would be amazing). I mean don’t get me wrong, I love how it’s working up here. Those swirls are glorious. I’m just saying I think seeing what you all make with this when the pattern comes out is going to be grand!

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