Published On: June 18, 2019

Smashing is out ,and it’s 10% off on ravelry with the code FLIP for the next few days.

Now, I will absolutely not try to convince you that this is hard or fancy or complicated knitting.  It’s really not.  It’s ribbing, worked on the bias.  You can’t get too much easier than that.

But…when you get done with the decreases (those I will totally claim are clever…not hard mind you, but clever) and turn up the corner and see it all blocked and finished?  Well somehow it’s way more adorable than it has any right to be.

And it is the absolute perfect place to show off a pretty pin (or button) to hold that corner in place.

And if you just so happen to have both a bit of yarn left when you’re done with the hat (I suspect you will) and also a fondness for sets (I suspect you do), you can whip up some cute little matching cuffs in no time (they’re included in the pattern).

The only hard part is going to be deciding on the perfect pin (or button) to show off!


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