Stash dive
Published On: July 13, 2019

So you know how I said I was doing things a little differently this month?  The idea was to take some time off.  So far I seem to be completely failing at that.  I took time off from bringing out new patterns (I’m doing Summer School and showing off some old ones instead).  But instead of actually not working and instead relaxing, all I can think of is all the new stuff I want to make.

But that’s part of the fun, right?  And as part of that plotting out new schemes thing, I did the occasional full toss of the stash.  Here it is in it’s gloriously purged and sorted state.

The big bin has scraps that are big enough to be useful (I’m digging my scraps bin lately, it’s where things like the stars and hearts and acorns and cupcakes come from, and I have several more tiny bits projects coming up…all hail the scraps bin).  Then I have four medium bins (currently divided into solids or semi solids, multi colors, single ply, and yarn from Seven Sisters Arts/String Theory because yes, yes they really do make up that big a chunk of my stash and that totally makes sense).  Then there’s a tiny bin of whiteish yarn.

And yeah, I realize that these are not exclusive categories.  That the white yarn is solid, and some of it is single ply.  And that the single ply yarn is sometimes solid and sometimes multi color. But it’s what works really well for me.  I know just which bin something will be in (and just which bin new yarn goes into), and it helps me find what I’m looking for when I have a project in mind.

How do you like to organize your stash?  Do you ever dump it all out at one time and go through it all?  Is my stash the size you thought it was (everyone always assumes I have a yarn shop in here…but really it all fits in part of one small closet, so I don’t worry about it too much)?

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