Summer School – Colorwork – Keepsies
Published On: July 23, 2019

I’m taking a bit of time off this month, but I wanted to make sure you had something to do while I’m napping (or, more likely, sweeping out the garage, getting drywall dust  out of my cabinets, or planning next year’s projects…but napping sounds better).

On Mondays, I’ll introduce a topic or skill and provide a bunch of links and resources to help you learn more. Later in the week, I’ll show off a few favorite patterns so you can do some homework.  The featured patterns will be on sale for one day each, so come back each weekday to see if there’s something that catches your eye!

You want to see what blocking can do?  Blocking can turn your plain, dare I say boring, tube of stockinette into something so alarmingly cute you may actually be in danger of dying.  And Keepsies is proof of that.

It really is a neat trick.  You knit the body of the hat.  You knit it with the knit side facing out, then decide at the end if you want knits or purls on the outside, I’m not going to make you knit a whole tube of purls, I’m not a monster.

Once you’ve decided, you seam up the top (I show you how in gruesome detail…it’s not hard at all).  Then you block it.  And to block it…you get to use marbles!

Yes marbles!  I mean if you don’t have marbles sitting around, you can use something else (I’ve seen nail polish bottles, christmas tree ornaments, and chapstick tubes all used to good effect).  But marbles are more fun.  Then you wear it and try not to make terrible puns about losing your marbles whenever anyone tells you how cute it is!

Keepsies is 25% off just for today with the code SUMMER SCHOOL (technically, it’s 12:01 am to 11:59 pm eastern time on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 if you want to get very particular).  Come back tomorrow for more stuff I’m overly fervent about blocking the right way!

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