But first…
Published On: August 9, 2019

Ahem.  But before the shenanigans with the yarn remnants can get fully underway, I need to mess up this perfectly good silk ribbon (as always, amazon links are affiliate links).

This is how it looked when I got it.  The light and dark yellow ones (top and left) are fine.  The white and orange ones (bottom and right) are too…stark.  They won’t look right with that pile of yarn from yesterday.

So I reeled them off on my swift, tied up the resulting hanks of yarn, and abused them.⁠

I left them to soak in a truly revolting mix of tea (tea leaves left in to encourage blotchyness) and espresso.  Somewhere down the road, I stirred them with a rusty, filthy garden trowel and left that in the mix too (something about iron making things extra grody).  I left the whole thing in the sun for a few hours.⁠

Then I rinsed (and rinsed, and rinsed) the ribbon, let it dry, and wound it back onto the spool.  Then I cleverly took a picture of the spools in a different orientation (because it was that sort of day).  But the bright orange one is the top one in the last picture (much more subdued) and the cream one is the leftmost one in the last picture (decidedly non creamy and delightfully splotchy).

I’m super happy with how they came out, even if I know no one in their right mind will actually ever do this or care that much about having ribbons match their yarn.  But I?  Well I am absolutely delighted.

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