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Published On: August 11, 2019

I feel like I *should* be able to show you things in a perfect, logical, reasonable order.  I should knit stuff, take lots of pictures as I go, edit them and write about them, then save them up to show you in the week or two leading up to the debut of the pattern for whatever it was I was knitting.  Like that doesn’t sound like too much to ask for.  But somehow, no.  I cannot quite manage that level of organization.  ⁠

So instead of getting more of the lovely hat that will come out later this month (that light purple one from the other day), you’re getting this beautiful fluffy thing I was obsessed with last week (if you were following me on instagram, you saw me try it on a bunch in totally unsuitable hat weather…which I’m sure you’re SUPER sad you missed).

Well no, it’s not instead.  I’ll still show off the hat for later this month (probably the next post even).  Just not this very second.  This very second this thing is too pretty not to share!⁠

I’m sure you understand!

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