In the deep dark woods
Published On: November 5, 2019

Tiny things always look weird when you first start knitting.  Always.  Every single time.

The trick is to not freak out and just keep going.  Since they’re tiny, if you put in even a few more minutes of work, things will start to make a bit more sense.

Not that they won’t still look weird…this one looks a bit like a space ship in the middle there!  But they will start to make sense.

Plus, if you play your cards just right, you can distract yourself from the weird by admiring how nice your yarn and needles look together.⁠  This yarn is Mecha in Lotus from Malabrigo, and needles are Signature Needle Arts in US size 1.5/2.5mm.⁠  And that, that dear lovely knitters, is why I almost never tell you what needle size I’m using. Because what needle size I use has almost no bearing on what needle size you will use. ⁠

This is a bulky weight yarn. I’m knitting it on tiny needles. That’s because I knit very loosely, and I want a very tight fabric, and teeny tiny needles are what works for me. But I suspect it is not what would work for most of you. ⁠For these tiny things, it’s easy because you really don’t have to hit a specific gauge (no one will throw your mushroom or acorn or star in the trash because it’s a quarter inch bigger or smaller). You just need a tight fabric that hides the stuffing. ⁠But for things where gauge does matter (say anything you want to fit on a human body), the only safe way is to check your gauge.

Now I mean you could make an argument that this is one of the many reasons tiny things are so very very excellent. But you should probably also just convince yourself that swatching is an awfully good idea in general.  It saves a lot of swearing and hurling about of yarn in the long run.

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