Indie Gift-A-Long
Published On: November 27, 2019

It’s that time of year again. Well actually, that works on several counts. It’s Indie Gift-A-Long time, and it’s also, for at least some of you, panicked gift knitting time.⁠

Now first, I’m going to say right at the top that I think you should only knit gifts if you want to (and please oh please only for people who are worth the time), and you should probably spend way more of your precious time (and yarn!) knitting awesome things for yourself.

But if you’re the sort who is so darn nice you just can’t stop yourself from knitting for others, accessories are the way to go. And accessory sets have certain advantages.⁠

Because really, cute accessory sets all matched to your winter coat are one of the best parts about being (or being on the gift list of) a knitter. Winter is better if you’re super cute.

If you get short on time, you can totally knit one piece this year and the matching one for next year. Or, if time is getting really tight, you can knit one piece for person A and the matching one for person B. The second piece in a set always goes quicker (because you’ve already got the stitch pattern or technique down), and no one needs to know they started out as a set.

But really…I think you should make stuff for yourself. You’re cool, you deserve pretty things.⁠

So, if you find yourself wanting to knit some cute accessory sets (either for yourself or for someone who really deserves it), grab them while they’re on sale. All these pieces and a bunch of my other accessory sets are on sale for 25% off during the Indie Gift-A-Long (and oodles of other folks have lots of things on sale too, it’s a whole thing, you should really check it out). You can see all the patterns I’ve got in the sale and see how to get the discount right over here!

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