Published On: December 9, 2019

So, this one has mostly been happening on instagram (what can I say, folks are way chattier over there and apparently I can be bribed by the cheerful little hearts…feel free to wander over there and join me if you want to see stuff in a more timely fashion).

But I didn’t want you to miss out on it all together.

It’s rather charming if I do say so myself.

And there’s going to be something nifty at the top that I suspect will be delightful.

But I’m not showing that off today, because I’m mean and want you to suffer (or, possibly, because I want to get more than one blog post out of a hat…you decide).

Yarn is Katia’s Cotton Merino, they do numbers for color names so there’s zero chance I’ll remember them, some sort of dark gray and gray to white gradient.  I’ll dig the tags out when I write the pattern and not a moment sooner.  And speaking of which, yes there will be a pattern (there will nearly always be a pattern), and you can make sure you hear about it by doing the mailing list thing if you’re so inclined.

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