Unable to resist
Published On: January 3, 2020

So you know those candles? The big ones in the pretty jars? The ones you see and think ‘well gee after I burn the candle I’ll be able to do something nifty with the container’? Then you burn the candle and shove the (waxy, sooty, possibly sticky depending on how it was labeled) jar in the back of the closet to ignore and then feel guilty about until you throw a whole stack of them all away in fit of pique the next time you deep clean wherever it is you store your secret junk?

Yeah.  Well I cleaned one of mine off (nail polish remover for the label, hot water for the wax, dishwasher for the soot).  Then I knit it a shiny little cover.  Then I filled it with a strand of  twinkle lights and have been using it as a combination night/winter gloom banishment device for the last few weeks (as always, amazon links are affiliate links).  And I have to say I’m rather delighted.

Someone will ask, so the candles I get are by a company called Sand + Fog.  I like them because I’m a sucker for the cute lids.  You can find them on amazon, but they cost a fortune there and they’re always way cheaper at my local Marshalls/TJMaxx/HomeGoods (plus then you can sniff them in person and make sure you like a particular scent and swap out the cutest lid to go with the best scent if you’re an evil monster like me).

Why ‘jar with no cover’ feels like something I have to hide and ‘jar with knitting wrapped around it’ feels like a source of joy and delight worthy of a place on my shelf, we’ll never know.  But somehow it does.


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