Published On: January 7, 2020

Want to start the new year off with an easy win?  Something you can knit in an afternoon with some of those pretty leftovers from the scraps bin? And then use to impose order or bring a bit of joy to some corner of your space?  Then I think Catchall is just what you’re looking for.  It’s up on ravelry now, and it’s 10% off with the code TIDY for the next few days.

I’ll admit, I worried this was going to be the project where a fair number of you did the internet equivalent of patting a small child on the head and saying ‘how nice dear, now why don’t you go play over there and leave the grown ups alone.’  Because really, this is very very simple.  This is a tiny scrap of fabric, wrapped around one of the countless number of adorable jars that follow me home from the grocery store.  But somehow, somehow that but of fabric transforms those jars from ‘something I intend to use but instead shove in the back of the cupboard and feel faintly guilty about’ into ‘something that sits on my desk or shelf and feels useful and delightful.’

Now I’m not sure why it does this.  And I’m not even saying there’s a reasonable explanation for it.  But to judge from the ravelry and instagram and email messages I got about these when I first showed them off, a whole bunch of you feel the same way.

So go forth, dig those cute little jars out of the back of the cupboard or the depths of the closet or that one drawer no one talks about.  Wrap them in knitting.  Stuff them with flowers and tuck them all around your house.  Or fill them with (electric) candles and brighten up a dark spot.  Or use them to corral the pens and pencils (or q tips and cotton balls…or scissors and needles and tape measures) that you keep losing track of.

Because somehow, I suspect we could all use a quick little project that lets us turn various bits and pieces into something pretty and productive.  Or at least I know I could!

Catchall is up on ravelry now, and you can read more about the pattern there.  You can use the code TIDY to take 10% off through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday, January 10.

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