Published On: January 27, 2020

This mending thing is an ongoing process.  If you were here last spring, you may remember I saved the elbow on an old cotton sweater I wear as pajamas.  Well that kept the sweater happily in the rotation for another nine months.

But now, the elbow on the other side is starting to get thin.  It doesn’t quite have an actual hole yet, but if I don’t do something soon, it will.

So I’ve decided to just go all out and fix this up properly.  I’m going to take off the old patch and make a big patch for each elbow.  Think full on tweed jacket style, no apologies about it, embrace your inner weirdo.

Now yes, this is probably a ridiculous amount of time and effort to put into a seven year old sweater.  But I rather like mending things, and I absolutely loathe shopping.  So if this gets me another year or two of wear out something I clearly enjoy enough to wear an awful lot, well then it seems like a good use of my time.

You’ll be seeing more of this over the rest of the week!

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