Published On: January 31, 2020

We interrupt your regularly scheduled elbow patches to talk about the slits on the side of the sweater.

I love sweaters with side slits (what can I say, I have a big ass, side slits make for extra ass room).  But I find they tend to get messed up over time).  But…but…this is fixable!

The best way I’ve found to fix it is by blanket stitching around the perimeter of the slit.  Now, if you were a cool kid, you’d do this before it got worn out.  But if you were me, you’d intend to do it before it got worn out but somehow never quite manage it and call it good if it happened at all. Which is the approach I took here.

If you’ve got a sweater that could use this treatment, google ‘blanket stitch’ and you’ll find all sorts of lovely nice people who will tell you exactly how it’s done.  This is totally a thing you can do.  Promise.  And you’ll get to feel all smug and clever once you do!

Elbows to follow shortly, because they’re all done and I want to show them off!


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