Awfully quick and totally worth it
Published On: February 14, 2020

So here’s the bit where I glower at you and tell you you should be blocking things.

All that generally means is ‘toss it a sink full of cool water (kitten supervisor is optional), let it soak for half an hour, squeeze out the excess water, smooth it out, and let it dry.’  If you happen to have a bowl or a balloon or a wig stand or something head shaped, let it dry on that. But if not, just letting it dry flat is better than not blocking it at all.

But for this one, you’ll notice I did something a bit strange.  I ran a bit of scrap yarn through all the little speckle dots before I threw this in the sink.  The goal was to help them be nice and tidy and uniform, and it totally works.  I left the scrap yarn in while the hat soaked and dried, and the wee nubbins were much more even when it was dry.

Those yarns will come right out now that it’s dry.  And then the hat will be all done and ready for a proper showing off.

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