Fine. I’ll do it right. If I must
Published On: February 23, 2020

So I kept looking at the first of the baby hats.  Looking at it and thinking it was just a smidge too short.  Not a lot…it still looked like a hat.  But just enough that it was bugging me.  The time honored tradition of sort of tugging on it a bit to encourage it to grow wasn’t working.

So I said a lot of very uncivilized things under my breath about how I am a Fairly Experienced Hat Knitter and how I Should Know Better and how It Would Have Been Faster To Do It Right The First Time.  And then I set to work with picking the old stuff out.

It was little enough yarn that I just snipped the used stuff off and chucked it rather than de-kinking it (always always always de-kink used yarn before you knit with it again or else your gauge will be super weird, trust me on this one).  And in just a minute here the hat will be the necessary half inch taller and I’ll reblock it and all will be right with the world.

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