Published On: February 26, 2020

So after the knot the other day, I wound up all the rest of the yarn to make sure I wouldn’t hit that problem again (insert lecture about this being one of the many benefits of winding your yarn before you start your project, a lecture I apparently need to give myself). I found the longest stretch of good yarn (I had a couple of different skeins to check) and declared it would be for the body of the hat. And the shorter pieces would be fine for the matching mitts.

So it will be fine. There’s no actual particular damage done. But that’s because I’m doing a couple of different pieces of knitting and I had yarn to spare. If I’d been working on one big thing (like a cowl or a shawl) and didn’t have extra yarn, it would have been way more of a hassle.

I stand by the ‘yes, the occasional knot is unavoidable (really, I’m not hassling yarn makers, I get that strings have ends), but wow oh wow don’t have the color jump across a knot’ stance.

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