Published On: March 11, 2020

Once upon a time, years and years and years ago, somebody left a weird comment on a blog post or maybe a tweet. ⁠

I’d posted a picture of the second of something…second sock, second mitt, I don’t even remember at this point. And they had this whole /extensive/ theory about how I hadn’t actually knit two of the thing. They though I was just carefully taking extra pictures of the one single sock/mitt that I had actually knit and timing them To Fool Everyone For My Own Nefarious Reasons.⁠

It was…intense.⁠

And while Now Me would just laugh (I mean of all the things on the internet to get Really Really Mad about…a stranger’s photos of their knitting seems to be near the bottom of the list), apparently Then Me was slightly worried other people might think this. Because ever since I’ve tended to take pictures of the second of something on top of the first.⁠

⁠All because someone was a weirdo on the internet more than half a decade ago. ⁠

I hope they’ve found something else to focus their attentions on in the mean time. And I hope whatever interactions you have on the internet today are the good kind.

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