Published On: May 26, 2020

The hat clearly needed some mitts to go with it. These are Incorrigible, they’re every bit as fun as the hat, and they’re up on ravelry today.

All the things I said about the hat? About how it breaks all the supposed rules of colorwork but still comes out just fine in the end?  Yeah, well those all still apply here.

Plus you get to satisfy that little voice in your head that says knit accessories are more fun in sets (please tell me that’s not just in my head, I’ll feel weird if I’m the only one hearing it).

You can grab it on ravelry now.  And you can either get the set at a discount (that’s all explained on the ravelry page), or grab just the mitts for 10% off with the code UNRULY (because I know there’s someone out there who really really loves mitts, but has no use for hats at all, and I want you to be happy too).


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