Hey look yarn
Published On: June 8, 2020

Oh look, pretty yarn.  Pretty yarn and pretty knitting.

But we need to talk about a few other things too.

To those of you who wrote and asked if there would still be pretty yarn, or if it “will just be political nonsense from here on out,” I have some good news.  Yes, yes there will be yarn and knitting (because again, enticing pictures of yarn and knitting are how I keep the lights on).  But there’s totally going to be some of that “political nonsense” too.

It turns out, I am totally cool enough to do both!  If that works for you, awesome, welcome, pull up a chair, pet a kitten, have some snacks.

But if you are one of those folks wondering why we can’t just ‘get back to knitting’ or ‘keep politics out of it,’ then this probably isn’t going to be the place for you.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I hope you’ll stick around and maybe read some of the stuff I’ll be linking to over the next few weeks and months and maybe change your mind.  But if that’s not your speed, it’s ok to see yourself out.

Meanwhile…oh look, pretty yarn.  They’re both by Malabrigo, the pink is Rios in Archangel, the green is Worsted in Frank Ochre.  And oh look, pretty knitting.  It’s sort of what would happen if brioche and 1×3 ribbing got together and started working on a plan for world domination.

Oh and just in case it comes in handy, here is a really lovely guide for how to make talking to your racist uncle Arthur/cousin Lydia/grandpa Joe just a tiny bit easier.  Not easy mind you, it’s never going to be easy.  But just a tiny bit easier.  It’s especially good if you’re kind of conflict averse (raises hand), or if you’ve been taught it’s rude to make a fuss or make others feel uncomfortable (hint…making racists feel uncomfortable is so much better than ignoring racist behaviors, even if it feels awkward as hell in the moment).  If you want to feel a little more prepared for the next time great aunt Gertrude gets going, it might well help.

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