Published On: June 12, 2020

Let’s raise some money for folks doing good work.⁠

I have a stack of pieces from the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet books. But those books are out of print, so I don’t do trunk shows for them, so I don’t need the samples anymore. Let’s auction them off & send the money to people who will use it to do some good.⁠

Half of the money we raise will go to Black Lives Matter and half to the Equal Justice Initiative.

The pieces I’ll be auctioning off are the Fucus asparagoides Shawl, the Erasmia pulchella Hat, the Polypodium vulgare Cowl, the Metopsilus porcellus Cowl, the Conferva villosa Hat, and the Lycaena virgaureae Shawl.  Plus a set of all three signed books (they’re out of print and hard to track down, so if you’ve been wanting paper versions, this is a great way to grab them).  I’ll be talking about each piece as its auction happens, but this should let you plan ahead!

Now, for the fine print (this is pretty mellow, I just want to answer any questions I think might come up):

  • The auctions will run on my instagram next week.  I’ll do a post for each item with a starting price and closing time.  You can comment with your bid.  When the auction ends, I’ll contact the highest bidder for an email address and send a paypal invoice.  I’ll need payment within 24 hours or I’ll contact the next highest bidder.  I’ll mail your item out within 2 business days from when you pay the invoice (and I’ll send it with tracking and signature confirmation).
  • You need to be an adult with a US mailing address.
  • All the money I raise from the auction, less paypal fees and shipping fees, will go to the organizations listed above.  Paypal fees are about 3% per transaction, and priority mail shipping (with tracking and signature confirmation) should be about $15 per item. I’ll post screenshots once the donations are made (at the end of all of the auctions) so you can see what we’ve done!
  • All the pieces are freshly washed (in unscented woolwash) and blocked (of course).  They’re all in beautiful shape (they’ve been worn for photo shoots and traveled to yarn shops for trunk shows, but not actually worn in day-to-day wear), and I’d be happy to either wear them or give them as gifts.  They’ve all lived in my house, which is smoke free, but does have cats (the cats are not allowed in the sample bins, and these have all just been washed, but if you’re deadly allergic, I want you to have all the info you need to make a decision).

Whew, I think that’s it.  If you have other questions, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.  Unless your question is ‘but don’t all lives matter?’ or some similar nonsense, in which case you are cordially invited to see yourself out.  This is totally not the place for you.

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