Fundraiser, Lycaena virgaureae Shawl
Published On: June 16, 2020

I’m selling pieces from the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet books to raise money for Black Lives Matter and the Equal Justice Initiative. Today I’m listing the Lycaena virgaureae Shawl from The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II.

Now I’ll tell you a secret. I always sort of thought that, when the books were done, I’d keep this beauty all for myself.  It is exactly my shade of orange (with tiny hints of pink and gold in there to break your heart).  The lace is gorgeous. And at about 19 inches tall and 62 inches wide, the whole thing is big enough to feel like a cozy shield to keep you safe from the world.  But I think using it to raise some money and do some good is a much better idea!

If you’d like to bid on it, leave a comment on this instagram post with your bid (I know not everyone is on instagram, but have to keep all the bids in one place just for logistical reasons, and instagram is where I think I can raise the most money, so I’m doing it there).  Bidding starts at $50.00.  Please bid in whole dollar increments.  Shipping is included in the bid, but I can only ship to US addresses.

Bidding closes at 8:00 am, eastern time, Wednesday June 17. Whoever has the highest bid at that point wins. I’ll contact them via instagram message and ask for an email address. Once I have an address, I’ll send a paypal invoice.  I’ll need to hear back from you within 24 hours or else I’ll move on to the next highest bidder. Your piece will ship within 2 business days from when you pay the invoice. It will ship with tracking and insurance and signature confirmation, and I’ll send you the tracking number so you can keep an eye on it.

All the money raised, less paypal and shipping fees, will be divided evenly between Black Lives Matter and the Equal Justice Initiative. I’ll make one combined donation to each agency once all the invoices are paid and pieces are shipped, and I’ll share screenshots so we can all see what we did!


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