Published On: June 21, 2020

For anyone following along at home, you’ll notice I swapped the colors between the hat and the mitt.

The hat had wide pink stripes, the mitt has wide green stripes (or yellow…there seem to be some strong feelings about whether that’s yellow or green or something between).

I did it mostly because the mitt won’t be reversible (the thumb I want to do doesn’t look as cute inside out, and mitts have a few too many ends to ever be really tidy inside out).  And I figured if I made the mitt exactly the same as the hat, it would look funny when I wore the hat with the back side showing.  But if I made the mitt the inverse of the hat, they’d just all sort of look like they went together, regardless of which side of the mitt was facing out.

That, and I’m trying (failing…but trying) to get over my ‘it only matches if it matches exactly‘ nonsense.  Because that’s not the way to be!

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