Need a mask?
Published On: July 19, 2020

Half the reason I made these was to have extras to give away when the need arises. So let’s give some away!⁠

I’ve put together packages with three masks each (in a random mix of patterns). I’d like to send them off to five different folks.⁠  Leave a comment on this instagram post telling me something you’re doing to make it easier to wear a mask to be entered to win (yes, I’m mean, you have to do it on instagram, it keeps things more streamlined for me and holy smokes but I need streamlined right now).⁠

For me, I find it easier to wear a mask if I have a bunch to pick from. So I’ve ordered and made masks in different fabrics and styles, so I can pick whichever one works that day. I’ve declared that one of the hooks on the coat tree is now for masks, so they’re just hanging there, right by the back door, easy to grab every time I go out.⁠

I’ve also stashed extras where I might need them (just in case I forget to grab one on the way out the door, or in case my plans change while I’m out). For me that’s the center console of the car, the back pocket of my purse, and the pockets of all my jackets. Oh, and I have some hanging in the closet by the front door in case anyone shows up at the house without one.⁠

It helps to make it just a standard part of my routine. I’m trying to think of them like lip balms or phone charger cables…have a bunch, find your favorite kinds, leave them scattered about where they’re convenient to grab when you need them.⁠

If you want to make a batch of your own to sprinkle around your world, links to the masks and supplies I used  to make these are here (amazon links are affiliate links) and the blog posts where I talked about dying these are here and here.⁠

Now, details and disclaimers! These are not medical masks, and you should absolutely still stay far away from people and wash your hands a lot (you know that, but I feel like I should say it).⁠ I dyed them, and while I have rinsed and washed them very thoroughly and I can wear them for an hour with no dye transfer, there’s always a chance your skin is different. If the faintest possibility of that would ruin your day, don’t risk it!⁠ I need you to have a US mailing address and be at least 18. Oh, and instagram has nothing to do with this and is totally not responsible for whatever nonsense we get up to.⁠ But you probably knew all that!

Wear a mask!

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