A hat in double time
Published On: July 25, 2020

So the only bad thing about the summer school posts is that I can’t show off the stuff I’m working on (because I mean yes, I am working on things).

If you want the blow by blow, you could always come visit on instagram.  Somehow posting a couple of times a day there doesn’t seem nearly as obnoxious as posting a couple of times a day on the blog.

But just in case that’s not your jam, I can also bombard you with things over here, just at an alarmingly quick pace.

It would be much more reasonable if we stretched it out over a week or two, so don’t go getting any ideas that I banged all this out in an evening.

Brioche is quick, but it’s not that quick.  And every time I try and do something unwise like knit a hat in a weekend, I end up with a sore elbow and a bad temper for at least a week after.

Luckily Douglas here is happy to keep hold of my projects for me so I don’t overtax myself.  He’s helpful like that!

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