Published On: August 11, 2020

Sometimes I want to do something fancy and fiddly and maybe even hard. But this is not that time. Right now, I want things to be very very mellow (but, you know, still lovely, because lovely helps).  And somehow, Presage strikes that perfect balance between astonishingly mellow and absolutely delightful.

There are precisely six fiddly rows in the body of the hat.  No really, six rows (even better, it’s the same one fiddly row worked six times, so once you’ve done it once, you have the hang of it and you’ll be golden going forward).  The rest is just plain old brioche ribbing (you know, that thing your fingers will do on autopilot while you just sort of bliss out about how pretty the fabric is).  And if you ask me, that’s a whole lot of pretty in return for six fiddly rows.  You could even knock it down to four fiddly rows if six was just a bit too much to ask.

And fine, I will ask you to do a few decreases when you get to the crown.  But really, you’ll already have the hang of them (from the aforementioned six fiddly rows on the body), and oh my goodness but they’re worth it.  Hat decreases are always worth it.  I swear they’re one of the most satisfying parts of knitting.

Oh and did I mention how the whole thing is reversible?  Brioche tends to look awesome on either side, so a lot of brioche stuff is.  But this is especially lovely if I do say so myself.

So, if you’re looking for a whole lot of pretty from a very little bit of effort, this could be the one.  The pattern is called Presage.  And it’s 10% off on either ravelry or payhip with the code FORETELL for the next couple of days (same code works in both places).  Oh, and if you’re the sort who likes your accessories better in sets, the matching mitts are coming soon!

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