Published On: August 17, 2020

Have I mentioned lately that you should swatch? I mean I feel like I probably have. But just in case you’re new, swatch.⁠

Because it’s much better to find out that the lovely yarn and the lovely stitch pattern do not play nicely together after 3 inches of a swatch rather than after 3 inches of a hat.

And again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the yarn…it’s just that this yarn and this stitch do not currently want to get all tangled up in each other. ⁠

But never fear, there’s more in the stash where this came from and I am persistent.

Oh now there…see…that’s much better.⁠

⁠And someone always asks, so like 99% of the time I just rip my swatches back out and reuse the yarn. I almost never keep them.⁠

But once I’m pretty sure a yarn will work, I do block them. And when you rip blocked yarn, you need to soak it and let it dry to get the kinks out.⁠

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