Why stop
Published On: September 15, 2020

You knew there would be another version.  I mean why stop with one when you can do a whole bunch.

Because really, I suspect these are more fun in a whole village.

And, before someone asks, I am totally filling mine with blocks.

They provide a delightful structure and heft (I find it unreasonably amusing when a tiny piece of fluff turns out to be heavy when you pick it up).  They aren’t nearly as crisp and firm if you stuff them with stuffing (though I’m pretty sure you could use something like floral foam or upholstery foam or styrofoam cut to size if you had that on hand and can bear the tactile experience of cutting it.  Or a bit of time with some cardboard and an exacto knife and some glue could get you little cardboard squares.  Or if you like that softer, rounder look, you can totally use stuffing.

But for me, blocks are the way to go. These are the ones I used (amazon links are totally affiliate links, because that’s how the internet works and because hosting bills are godawful expensive), but there’s an awfully good chance at least some of you have some kicking around in a toy chest somewhere and can just raid those.

Pattern should be out later this year (October, if 2020 doesn’t do something unspeakable to me in the meantime).  Do the mailing list thing if you want me to tell you when it’s out!

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