Published On: October 15, 2020

Look, I have bought some weird stuff for work over the years.

I have a shelf of body parts (fine, I have a shelf of head forms and hand forms and foot forms for blocking and photographs, but saying I have a shelf of body parts sounds so much cooler).

I have vintage dress forms.

I have condiment cups and cupcake stands (those were for Dollop). I have curtain weights and straws and magnets (those were for Foraged). I have peg dolls (those were for Nestled). I have yogurt jars and electric tea lights (those were for Catchall). I have duck eggs (those were for Cracked).

And now…now I have teeny tiny handles. And I am not going to be able to tell you what they are for for ages and ages and ages. And it is going to just about kill me to keep my mouth shut. But I figure I can at least show you the teeny tiny handles so your imagination can run as wild as mine is.

And if you want to see what all that other random stuff turned into, you can see those other patterns on ravelry or payhip. Because I fully acknowledge that just reading that list of things makes me sound like a deranged magpie with unfortunate tendencies. But I promise it all comes out cute in the end!

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