Indie Gift-a-Long
Published On: November 25, 2020

Yup, it’s that time again. That time when some folks with better organization and planning skills than I will ever possess do a bunch of work to organize and host a massive giftalong over on ravelry.  I, being easily daunted and quickly overwhelmed, tend to mostly just sort of sit back and watch in awe.  I know my limitations. But I do use it as an opportunity to put a few patterns on sale every year.

And this year?  Well this year I think we could all use some stuff we can make in a day or two (I can’t be the only one feeling too overwhelmed for a big project) and make from the leftover bits and pieces in our scraps bins.  So I’ve picked a few of the tiny things to feature this year!

There are eleven different patterns on sale.  You can see them all here. And you can use the code giftalong2020 to take 25% off as many of them as you’d like between now and the end of the day (eastern time) on Monday November 30.

And someone is absolutely going to ask, so the apple is part of the Peached pattern.  And the picture in the upper left shows pieces from Hoard, Nestled, and Forged all jumbled together with wild abandon because they’re adorable like that.  Everything else should be super easy to see which is which if you click through.

Oh, and one other quick thing. The folks who organize this have specifically asked that designers only use that code on ravelry.  Normally I make coupon codes work on both ravelry and payhip.  But this is their party, so it’s only polite to play by their rules.  So if you need to use payhip instead of ravelry, you can do that over here and use the code notthegiftalong2020 instead. Same patterns, same discount, same time frame…just a different set of letters in there for the code.

P.S. I am taking this whole week actually off.  All the way off.  Not touching my computer, not touching my phone, not getting online at all, off.  That means if you write me with a question about this, I won’t see it till Monday.

Now, I’m totally not expecting anyone to have any problems.  This is all stuff we’ve done before and it has always gone smoothly.  In the vanishingly unlikely event you have a problem, try restarting your browser and try copy pasting the code to make sure there aren’t any typos (that has solved 99% of problems anyone has ever had with these codes).  If that still doesn’t work, totally contact me.  Just know I won’t see it till Monday so don’t panic when I don’t get back to you quickly.  But when I do see it, I’ll get you sorted out and make sure you have access to the discount.

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